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Experience the future of dentistry with our cutting-edge 4D dentistry services at London Dental Arts. Leverage MODJAW’s technology for complete diagnostics and bespoke restorations. Book your free consultation now!

4d dentistry London
4D Dentistry London

Welcome to London Dental Arts: Your Destination for 4D Dentistry


MODJAW: A Next-Generation Digital Dentistry Solution

We at London Dental Arts are proud to bring to you, the revolutionary MODJAW 4D dentistry. Embracing the latest in dental technology, we are one of the few clinics in the UK to offer this innovative dental solution. Rooted in the idea that both static and dynamic parameters are critical for complete diagnostics and personalised restorations, 4D dentistry redefines the dental experience.


What is MODJAW and How Does It Work?

Launched in 2019, MODJAW Tech in Motion is a groundbreaking device that allows dentists and orthodontists to record real-time jaw motion, creating a dynamic digital twin of their patients. Drawing inspiration from the animated movie industry, this technology integrates 3D models, 4D movements, CBCT, and facial scans to provide a comprehensive and precise treatment solution.


The Power of 4D Dentistry: Diagnostics and Treatment Plans

With MODJAW’s powerful software, we are able to analyse animated dental arches in real-time, providing us with invaluable data for diagnosis and treatment planning. From detecting malocclusion and temporomandibular joint disturbances to building complex treatment plans for prosthetics, implants, and orthodontics, MODJAW enables us to offer tailored treatments for every patient.


A Game-Changing Innovation in Restorative Dentistry

By pioneering JAW Morphodynamics™ data, MODJAW®️ offers a comprehensive platform that integrates dynamics within morphological data, marking a significant evolution in digital dentistry. This high-tech, all-in-one medical device combines an HD medical camera, touch screen PC panel, and movement trackers, offering a smooth and precise patient experience.


Why Choose London Dental Arts for 4D Dentistry?

  • ✓ We are one of the few clinics in the UK with access to MODJAW’s groundbreaking technology.
  • ✓ We offer a free consultation to discuss the benefits and procedures of 4D dentistry.
  • ✓ We provide flexible 0% finance options and monthly payment plans to make your treatment more affordable.
  • ✓ Our team of dental experts are experienced and trained in utilising this next-generation digital dentistry solution.



Experience the Future of Dentistry Today!

Take advantage of our innovative 4D Dentistry services at London Dental Arts. Located at 1-3 London Road, Forest Hill, SE23 3TW, we’re ready to help you redefine your dental health. Contact us now on 020 3143 0080 to book your free consultation and find out more about this groundbreaking approach to dental health. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the future of dentistry today!

A game-changing innovation in restorative dentistry

Capture jaw motion and dynamic occlusion

Full digital workflow and treatment customisation

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