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We are a 5-star Prosthodontic clinic in Forest Hill, London, that has offered treatment to over 1,000 satisfied customers.

At London Dental Arts, we understand that the world of dentistry and Prosthodontics is constantly evolving. However, we appreciate that one thing that should never change is excellent customer service. Thus, we offer modern and advanced treatments to help customers achieve their needs. We ensure that all customers have a comfortable and caring experience. We are there for you for long-term care.

Prosthodontist in Forest Hill & Dulwich, South East London

The London Dental Arts practice is owned by Dr. Arman Barfeie, dedicated to providing patients with modern dental care. As well as using advanced treatments, the team offers a tranquil spa-like experience to ensure you are fully relaxed from the outset.

The purpose of the practice is to help everyone achieve their dream smile, whether through cosmetic or maintenance treatments to correct, restore, or enhance the health of your teeth.

What is Prosthodontics?

The purpose of Prosthodontics is to enhance and improve the overall function and appearance of someone’s smile.

Although the term “Prostho” means to replace, Prosthodontics means more than to replace teeth. The entire service list covers a range of general dentistry and aesthetic treatments.

The most common patients have oral issues such as missing teeth, jaw concerns, or inadequate oral hygiene.

Who is a Prosthodontist?

A Prosthodontist is a professional oral expert that works to help renew someone’s oral concerns. Whether just one tooth or a complete overhaul, they will use their expertise and advanced technologies to help anyone achieve better oral health and a better smile.

All Prosthodontists undergo a further minimum of three years of full-time university education on top of their general dental degree. This training involves advanced learning about replacing and restoring teeth. All will be able to help with bridges, dentures, crowns, implants, and cosmetic concerns.

Prosthodontist Services we offer:

After the proper training, prosthodontists can offer the following services.

General dentistry

This will involve fillingscrownsbridgesdenturesimplantsteeth grinding, and other general concerns.

Minor oral issues can sometimes feel like a huge concern, especially if they are causing pain or discomfort. They can be caused by decay or accidents, which can impact your quality of life. You may find it difficult to chew and affect your confidence. Thus, getting general dentistry matters seen by a prosthodontist will help you reduce pain, improve your overall quality of life, and achieve a more confident smile.

Advanced dentistry

Prosthodontists often cover advanced dentistry matters, too, such as dental restorations and implants. These may be necessary as a result of teeth grinding, accidents, or facial defects.

Cosmetic treatments

Prosthodontists also specialise in cosmetic treatments to further enhance your smile. Cosmetic treatments involve whiteningveneers, facial fillers, and anti-wrinkle injections.

If you do not have dental issues but want to improve your teeth, a Prosthodontist can help you achieve that.

How to book?

To enjoy our Prosthodontics services and treatments, all you need to do is call or email to enquire. We can chat with you about our treatment options and payment options to ensure you get the proper treatment for your needs.

All of our Prosthodontists in Forest Hill & Dulwich are fully trained and can offer all of the above treatments to help you achieve your dream smile. Whether you require dental or cosmetic dental treatment to restore and enhance your smile, we can help you achieve that.

With advanced modern digital technologies, we use the best tools to help attain the best results possible. Not only will you be able to reach your best oral health and achieve your best smile, but we will help preserve your smile too. We will always be here for advice or future treatments.

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