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Tooth Extraction Forest Hill & Dulwich

Tooth Extraction & Wisdom Teeth Extraction By Top Periodontist


Tooth removal can be an upsetting and anxious time, and if possible, we’ll always try and save your tooth. But if removal is needed, we do everything possible to make it as comfortable for you as possible.

Dental extractions are most commonly required when one of your teeth has been damaged beyond practical repair. The most common reasons for extractions include:

  • Severe tooth decay or infection often make it impossible or too costly to repair the tooth
  • Advanced gum disease sometimes requires a tooth to be extracted so it doesn’t affect the supporting tissues and bone structure of the mouth
  • A tooth is sometimes extracted if it is blocking other teeth from coming through
  • Wisdom teeth are often extracted either before or after their eruption
  • During orthodontic work, teeth are sometimes extracted to create more room for the teeth that are being moved into place

What you should expect

We numb the area to reduce discomfort. During the extraction, you’ll feel the pressure of the tooth being removed, but you won’t feel any pain. Typically we will remove your tooth within a matter of minutes.

Immediately after the tooth is extracted, a small amount of bleeding is expected, and patch gauze is placed in the affected area. The area may bleed minimally for the next day or so and then taper off. Follow our instructions on how often to change the gauze and what other post-procedure steps to follow.


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