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Welcome to Forest Hill Skin Clinic

Affordable Skin Treatments for a Younger Look in Forest Hill, London

A vision brought to life! Our goal is straightforward: to enhance skin’s natural beauty, promote the art of conscious skincare, and offer outstanding service – for each individual guest. London Dental Arts Clinic is a leading London Skin Clinic that provides comprehensive Skin services and Facial Aesthetic Treatments to suit your needs.


Skin treatments available at our Forest Hill skin clinic includes:

Facial Aesthetic Treatments
Client receiving expert Anti-Wrinkle treatment at London Dental Arts Clinic for a youthful appearance.

Anti-wrinkle Treatments

Our bespoke treatments are meticulously tailored to smooth the appearance of wrinkles and enhance your natural beauty.

Professional applying Skin Boosters treatment at London Dental Arts Clinic for revitalized skin.

Skin Booster

Elevate your glow: Dive into advanced Skin Boosters beyond dental care

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Down Turned Mouth

Elevate downturned smiles with a simple procedure; whether from genetics, aging, or stress.

Client receiving Anti-Wrinkle treatment for bunny lines at London Dental Arts Clinic in Forest Hill.

Bunny Lines

Erase bunny lines for a youthful look. These vertical lines, caused by genetics, aging, are common.

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Gummy Smile

Worried about a gummy smile? Our subtle treatments can gracefully diminish its appearance.

Client undergoing a non-surgical brow lift with Anti-Wrinkle Injection at London Dental Arts Clinic.

Brow Lift

Revive your appearance with a quick brow lift; counter droopiness from genetics, aging, or stress.

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Masseter Treatment for TMJ

Ease TMJ symptoms with a minimal procedure. Jaw clenching, pain, or headaches from stress or genetics? Find relief.

Hyperhidrosis forest hill

Hyperhidrosis Treatment (Excessive Sweating)

Combat hyperhidrosis with a simple procedure. Regain confidence by tackling excessive sweating.

Patient receiving Biotin injections at London Dental Arts Clinic for improved hair and skin health.

Biotin Injection

Unleash Biotin’s magic in Forest Hill, London. Experience revitalised energy, lustrous hair, and glowing skin with our specialized injections.

Patient receiving a B12 injection at London Dental Arts Clinic for increased energy and wellness.

B12 Injections

Boost vitality with B12 Injections at London Dental Arts Clinic! Tackle fatigue and ensure wellness beyond just a radiant smile.

Professional Microneedling session at London Dental Arts Clinic, revitalizing skin texture and firmness.


Reveal glowing skin with tailored Microneedling at London Dental Arts Clinic in Forest Hill.

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