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Dental Prices

We believe the practice offers excellent value for money and our fees reflect the high standard of care we provide

The price guide has been created to give you an idea of our treatment fees. It is, however, only intended as a guide because the time a procedure takes and the materials we use can vary from one patient to another. We believe the practice offers excellent value for money and our fees reflect the high standard of care we provide. Before starting any treatment, we will explain and discuss the available range of options and provide you with a written estimate. We will help you decide which treatment plan is best suited to you, your budget, and your lifestyle.

Our prices can be found below. However, these may be subject to change depending on the case.

Please ask our reception staff for more details.

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TreatmentFee Guide
(All Inclusive of small x-rays where required)
New Patient Examination
Existing Patient Examination
Emergency Dental Appointment
Scale & Polish – 30 minutes
Advanced Hygiene
50 minutes (includes AirFlow)
AirFlow (optional add-on)
Periodontal Gum Treatment (Non Surgical)


£300 per quadrant
Composite Fillings (White)
Specialist Consultations
*Specialist Prosthodontic Consultation
*Specialist Oral Surgery Consultation
*Specialist Orthodontic Consultation
(£50 deposit required upon booking and is fully refundable
upon attendance)
Invisalign Consultation
Single Dental Implant Consultation
Cosmetic Consultation
Whitening Consultation
(Include removable retainers & at-home
teeth whitening worth £899)
Invisalign / Clear Aligners (depending on complexity)

from £3500 to £8000

Teeth Whitening
Enlighten At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit
Enlighten Advanced Whitening Kit (including 1h in-surgery top up session)
Cosmetic Treatment
Composite Bonding/Veneer
Composite Edge Bonding
Ceramic Veneers
from £250/tooth
from £200/tooth
from £1000/tooth
Dental Implants
Single Complete Implant
Upper or Lower Implant Retained Denture
Upper or Lower Implant Retained Bridge
from £2000
from £5000
from £9999

We offer a wide range of special surgical and cosmetic procedures. We are happy to discuss this with you through special consultation, where we will outline the different materials and procedures.

Payment Methods

We accept all major credit cards.

We also offer interest-free loans for major treatments. Please speak to your dentist for more information.

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