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Teeth sensitivity, pain or discomfort? Let’s investigate

Our trained experts can spot a possible problem with oral health before it gets worse and harder to treat. Following a consultation, our dentists might recommend specific treatments. These include high fluoride toothpaste, avoiding particular food and drinks and routine procedures like fillings and root canals. 

This feeling of tenderness in your mouth might come and go. At London Dental Arts Clinic, we suggest you check it out at your local dentist. Sometimes, they can spot a possible problem with oral health before it gets worse and harder to treat.


senitive teeth treatments in forest hill, south east london

Some options for treatment are:

  • Keeping away from certain foods and drinks
  • Using special toothpaste and a toothbrush
  • Depending on the condition of the tooth or teeth, specialised treatments like fillings, root canals, and crowns may be needed.

The Symptoms of Sensitive Teeth

When your teeth hurt, it’s because the dentin layer inside your tooth is exposed. This happens when the white enamel coating on the tooth has worn away. Signs of sensitive teeth are:

  • Pain or discomfort
  • Sharp pain that comes and goes
  • Cold or hot food and drinks trigger the pain
  • Sweet and acidic foods can also aggravate

These are the most common signs of sensitive teeth. But consult your dentist if the pain lasts more than two days or it’s becoming unbearable. Also, call if your teeth are broken, cracked, loose, or worn down, and you are generally worried about the way your teeth feel.

Common Causes of Sensitive Teeth

One of the main reasons you may have sensitive teeth is that your dentin is not protected. Some of the most common causes of sensitive teeth include the following:

  • Tooth decay
  • Receding gums
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • A buildup of plaque

Additionally, other things that can cause sensitivity are:

  • Acidic food, drink or mouthwash
  • Teeth grinding and clenching your teeth
  • Brushing your teeth too hard
  • Some tooth whitening products

Give the London Dental Arts Clinic [ Dentist in Forest Hill ] a quick call if you’re in pain and need emergency dental care. We’ll book you an appointment at your earliest convenience for sensitive teeth treatment.

When to See Your Forest Hill Dentist

Talk to your dentist in Forest Hill, South East London if you’re unsure about sensitive teeth. Schedule a meeting with them as soon as possible if:

  • Pain lasts longer than a day or two
  • Your pain is severe or starts to become unbearable
  • You have chipped, cracked, loose or worn teeth
  • You are concerned about the sensitivity of your teeth

What to Do Next

Learn more about some possible treatment options with your local Forest Hill Dental Practice. We recommend you book an appointment with a dentist to further discuss and provide expert advice on relieving your pain and how you can achieve great oral health. Treatment includes:

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Frequently Asked Questions:


How much does it cost to treat sensitive teeth?

The cost of assessing and treating your sensitive teeth depends on whether it is a mild or severe case and the cause. Sensitive teeth can be a symptom of other dental problems. We recommend booking an appointment to discuss this with your London Dental Arts Clinic, Forest Hill dentist. They will be able to diagnose the cause and the best treatment plan and explain any fees associated with treatment.

Why are my teeth sensitive?

Each case can be different as to the reason you are experiencing sensitive teeth. Most often, it is when the dentin or inner structure of your tooth is exposed. Sometimes this is caused by tooth decay or gum disease. We recommend you book an appointment with your dentist to discuss the pain and sensitivity you’re experiencing.

Can sensitive teeth be prevented?

Yes, you can greatly reduce the chances of developing sensitive teeth. It all comes down to taking care of your oral health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Keeping on top of your at-home dental care and building a good relationship with your dentist or dental hygienist is essential for maintaining good health.

  • We recommend daily healthy habits and regular visits to the dentist. For a healthy smile and overall good oral health:
  • Practice good oral hygiene habits at home, including brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day
  • Book routine hygiene & checkup visits with a dentist or dental hygienist, ideally every 6 months or as advised by your dentist

I’m anxious about visiting the dentist.

We understand that some people feel anxious about visiting the dentist. At London Dental Arts Clinic Forest Hill, we work hard to make you feel comfortable and to create environments that feel safe and welcoming. We also believe that communication is key and invite you to share any concerns you may have before or upon arrival.

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