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Dr Adedamola Awe

Dr. Adedamola Awe fondly known as ‘Dammy’ graduated from the University of Birmingham School of Dentistry in 2011 and successfully completed his Foundation Dental Training on the Peterborough Scheme in 2012.

Dr Awe firmly believes in a ‘patient-focused’ approach centred around making the patient journey as comfortable and seamless as possible. He has built his practice of dentistry on the principle of treating every patient exactly as he would like to be treated. Since his early days as a Foundation Dentist, patients and colleagues have always described his chairside manner as deeply calming because of his gentle nature.

Dr Awe is strongly driven by the idea that ‘if better is possible then good is not enough’! This pursuit of excellence led him to invest in extensive postgraduate training in the UK and abroad with elite dental minds in various dental disciplines. His journey of continuous professional development has resulted in the opportunity to present his cases to his peers on various platforms and assist in the training and development of colleagues.

Dr Awe takes great pride in his work and gains a great deal of satisfaction in formulating and successfully executing a treatment plan. He particularly enjoys planning and coordinating multi-phased inter-disciplinary cases where excellent communication between colleagues and attention to detail is paramount for clinical success. In his words, “There is something fulfilling about the shared accomplishment from the concerted efforts of working together in a team to achieve a common goal!”

He gladly receives referrals for complex restorative procedures, challenging smile makeovers and tooth wear cases. He believes in creating natural ‘life-like’ results that are built to last using the latest Digital technology. This ensures a minimally-invasive approach giving the best possible outcome.

When he is not thinking or talking about teeth, Dammy loves to travel and experience different cultures with his wife and he is a proud father of three!

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