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Amir Barfeie

Amir Barfeie

Amir is our GDC registered Dental Therapist. He became a General Dentist in 2018 at Shiraz University in Iran. He has 4 years of experience as a General Dentist. Amir became registered with the GDC as Dental Therapist in 2022. Amir will be looking after our patients who require gum treatments including hygiene and scale and polish and airflow.

As a therapist he will be looking after the patients who require fillings too. He has also carried out an extended course for teeth whitening, specialised courses focused on the best ways of treating gum disease and communicating with patients and an advanced dental photography course. He enjoys restoring people’s confidence by helping them with their oral health and making people happy with their smiles. Amir provides a very high standard of care and is mainly concerned with treating sensitive patients in the gentlest way so that they can overcome their dental anxiety.

He informs his patients with the best oral hygiene instructions and tries to keep them motivated and updated on the ways that they can maintain an optimal oral health as he believes a clean, white heathy teeth will leads to serenity and tranquillity.

Dental Therapist / Hygienist

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