Vaishnavi Kulkarni - London Dental Arts Forest Hill

Vaishnavi Kulkarni

blankVaishnavi Kulkarni, is our Dental Therapist who has completed her post graduation as a Specialist Prosthodontist in India. while she is awaiting to pass the Overseas Registration Exams in order to become a qualified General Dental Practitioner in the UK she obtained registration and got qualified as Dental Therapist and Hygienist in UK.

She is a dedicated clinician, and always strives to give her 100% to the patients. Quality patient care is her top priority.

Her scope of practice includes gum treatments, oral health education and basic restorative dental treatments for adults and children.

She is passionate about providing the latest information to her patients and updates herself regularly with advances in the field, so as to personalise and tailor her treatment to each patient individually.

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